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St John Ambulance - Pune Centre

Official Website for First Aid Training and Certification

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Our goal is to empower people with the knowledge or First Aid. Training conducted by St John Ambulance is a great way to begin or continue that journey. We often find that those who enroll for our programs are unaware of their own capacities, and through this course and our many others, we intend to change that. 


First Aid Matters!

Now more than ever

If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, these courses are perfect for you. Due to high demand, we’ve recently added many new classes to ensure there’s an option for everyone. Interested in enrolling or learning more about this course? Get in touch today, one of our team members will answer all your questions.

Our Courses

First Aid for a broken arm


Identification, Types, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment



Identification, Types, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit


Identification, Types, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Heart Attack

Identification, Warnings, Types, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment


Allergies and Shocks

Diagnosis, Types of Shock & Allergies, Allergens,Treatments & Support

CPR training medical procedure workshop.


Importance of Chest Compression, Mouth to Mouth Breathing (Adults, Children and Infants)


Patient Transportation

Hand Seats, Stretcher Carry

Head Stand Pose

Head Injury & Stroke

Identification, Types, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment

Conscious Patient, Unconscious Patient, Recovery Positions

Taping a shoulder wound


Types Of Wounds, Cleaning And Dressing, Bandages And Slings



Operation of Heart Start Machine in Cardiac Failure

Camp Fire

Burns & Scalding

Degree, Location, Minor And Major Burns , Chemical And Acid Burns. Treatment and Management

Prescription Drugs


Types And First Aid, Bee Stings, Dog Bite ,Snake Bite, Scorpion Sting, First Aid

Image by Brook Anderson


Bleeding Control, Direct Pressure, Amputations, Treatment and Dressing


Muscle and Joint Injury

Cramps, Strains, Pulls, Tears, Rupture and Dislocation of Muscles, Joint Sprains and Dislocations, Treatment and Management

Image by Kyle Glenn


Drowning: Rescue and First Aid, Choking : Back Blows,
Heimlich’s Manouvre,
Chest Compressions,
Smoke and Fire : Rescue and First Aid

Ice Blocks


Hypothermia, Frost Bites, Treatment and Management



Artificial Breathing Machine for air

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